Lawn Care Concord, MA

Lawn Management is your lawn company in Concord, MA for lawn care, maintenance and treatments for disease and insects. For more than two decades, we have provided exceptional lawn service in Concord, MA and the surrounding areas. We use high quality lawn care products and offer three lawn care programs as well as the option of organic lawn care in Concord, MA.

We offer three lawn care programs to provide the level of service and frequency of lawn maintenance in Concord, MA that fits the needs of the individual client. All lawn care programs include high quality fertilizer, seeds and lawn care products. Some of our lawn care programs offer additional services for improving the thickness of your lawn and controlling weeds and pests. The details of each program can be found on our website.

If you prefer organic products and are willing to live with a few slight imperfections, our organic lawn care service is right for you. Using natural pest control methods and organic products for lawn care ensures healthy growth for your lawn and fewer chemical pesticides and chemicals in the environment. Ask us about organic lawn service in Concord, MA.

We provide tree and shrub care, insect control and tick control services, as well as lawn maintenance in Concord, MA. In the spring and fall, ticks become active. We use Tickbusters to effectively control these pests which spread Lyme disease in the seasons when ticks are the biggest problem.

At Lawn Management, we are your full service lawn company in Concord, MA. You can find more information about our lawn care programs and services on our website. Please contact us for more information and to schedule service in your home. If you don’t see the services you need, give us a call and we can arrange a custom program for lawn care in Concord, MA that fits your specific requirements.